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29 Dec 2007 | No Comment

We usually like to search the web for new amazing and stylish laptops that impress our imagination with innovative features and new technology. The progress of today is astonishing indeed. But looking back into the past can be even more … Continue reading

25 Dec 2007 | No Comment

You don’t see a bikini here, do you. You can’t see sun lotion, a beach towel or flip-flops either. Because it is not a see-through plastic beach bag, it is a new Skooba Skreener. Unlike sun seekers who don’t need … Continue reading

22 Dec 2007 | No Comment

If there was a New American Dream, a dream of e-generation, what would that be like? What do we, people that are free of sex and family constraints of 20th century, are able to travel around the world, and are … Continue reading

21 Dec 2007 | No Comment

Two extremes of the same territory, two laptops that could not be further away apart- today we compare Asus Eee PC and Getac A790- the Snow White and the Terminator of the laptop world. Difference starts with the price. Asus … Continue reading

20 Dec 2007 | One Comment

Imagine a stranger looking at you from the side as you are reading this. Looking at you, a hunched, silent, unmoving figure in front of a panel of plastic. Take the monitor, the furniture, your clothes away, and you start … Continue reading

19 Dec 2007 | No Comment

A snake about to shed its skin is referred to as being “in the blue”. A laptop that has its lid painted in boring greyish factory colours is known as being “in the grey”. And just as it is necessary … Continue reading

18 Dec 2007 | No Comment

When ancient Greeks engraved these three words – Citius, Altius, Fortius – on the main entrance to the Ancient Olympic Games, they probably didn’t expect them to be used to such an extent they are these days. Technology has picked … Continue reading

16 Dec 2007 | No Comment

Chopping things in halves, technology moves on. For an electronic device, being sleek and trendy is like being a fruit fly- you are dead before the time the sun sets. Piled up with brothers and sisters, you are not even … Continue reading

15 Dec 2007 | No Comment

There are things in life that you are only supposed to buy once. A wedding ring. A place at a cemetery. A ticket to London’s Millennium Wheel. Experiences that you would rather do just once, or never at all, especially … Continue reading

14 Dec 2007 | No Comment

In the UK, the national colour seems to be brown. All the buildings, starting with Big Ben- brown. Pubs inside- brown. Prime Minister- Brown. The tube line that I take to work each day- brown. Brown is everywhere, making the … Continue reading