Most innovative laptop concepts of 2007

3 December 2007

Here are some of the most eye-catching laptop concepts of 2006.

1. Sony VAIO Zoom



The screen is a piece of transparent glass when the laptop is turned off. The glass comes to life when the power is on, with the help of holographic technology. Mouse buttons are holographic too.

2. Concept laptop made of wood

A relatively heavy material, with bad heat insulation properties, and a potential fire hazard too. However, the looks are supposed to compensate that.

3. LG e-Book


Surfing on a wave of raised eco-awareness, it is powered by batteries that utilise natural gas, methanol. Also, the screen consumes less electricity, as it uses organic light-emitting diodes (OLED), as opposed to traditional LCD screens.

4. Fujitsu Turn Table PC


A touch-sensitive LCD panel on the front can emulate a DJ turntable during playback of music files from the laptop, or from a separate MP3 player. Virtual 5.1 channel surround sound completes the picture of a really innovative new concept of a music laptop.

5. BlackBook


blackbook2.jpg lblackbook3.jpg

The striking feature of this laptop is the design, with keyboard seamlessly morphing into the black glossy body of the laptop, with chrome-coated edges. Logo is replaced with a small TFT screen with customisable graphics.

6. Fujitsu Fab PC


Fab stands for “fabric” first, and only then for “fabulous”. The laptop is partially made of fabric, and uses e-ink technology that allows displays to be foldable. Mass-production technology is not quite there yet, but that moment is not too far away.

7. Canova laptop


dual2.jpg dual3.jpg

The keyboard and the touchpad are both discarded in favour of a second screen. Both screens are touch-sensitive, and can be used to project an image of any conceivable device. A piano keyboard, for example. Or a graphic tablet.

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