Starbucks Dilemma Solved

3 December 2007


Should I go to the bathroom now, while there is nobody around? Or should I take my laptop with me? I can hold it with my left hand, probably. I will not wash my hands, not a big deal. Or maybe I can wait? I used to be able not to pee for days when I was small…

The Starbucks dilemma will be much easier to solve when you have Belkin USB Laptop Security Alarm with you. Plugged into your laptop’s USB port on one side and tied into something like a table leg, for example, it sounds a shrieking alarm when disconnected. Which can later be turned off with a key.

The best thing about the device is its portability and ease of use, which can be really helpful in situations when you need to only leave your laptop for a minute or so, to give you piece of mind.

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