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31 Jan 2008 | One Comment

Laptop life expectancy. How long is it? With the speed things are changing, CD for DVD, HDD for SSD, ABC for XYZ, how often do you want your laptop to be replaced? Our conservative guess is 1.5 years, at most. … Continue reading

29 Jan 2008 | No Comment

If one is to name a purely girlish laptop, they probably think of Apple iBook Tangerine or Sony Vaio VGN-C290 Pink. A red, green or yellow Dell Inspiron 1720 will do as well. Strange though it may seem, the colour … Continue reading

29 Jan 2008 | One Comment

On the scale of things that define us as civilized, writing comes first. You can eat with your feet, use bathtub as a toilet, and walk around in crocodile skin skirt- all these are mere eccentricities compared to social death … Continue reading

25 Jan 2008 | No Comment

  From the point of view of marketing, a mouse pad is a very difficult thing to sell. They are so easy to make, everybody does it. Competition is very tight. The only feature of a mousepad is its complete … Continue reading

24 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Hippies may be accused of libertinism, drug-abuse and sexual perversion, but what they try to teach the world is that the nature is our treasure. Wearing synthetic clothes, eating artificially made food, driving cars with high levels … Continue reading

23 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Finally, a way not to ever loose things. Loc8tor Lite, a tiny teardrop of electronics, could be attached to anything you like, from keys to girlfriends. It can be tracked anytime with the help of a special credit-card-shaped device. The … Continue reading

21 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Sound recording has gone a long way, from first phonographs invented in the 17th century to digital recording, with such pit-stops on the way as gramophone, magnetic tape and optical recording. While first gramophone records were 7″ wide and could … Continue reading

18 Jan 2008 | One Comment

Deep in the shadows of strangely silly and wonderfully childish Great Woods of USB Crap there exist bizarre little creatures that speak German and smell of fresh pine. Thallbach, a company from the town of Wasserburg, makes USB flash drives … Continue reading

17 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Apple started year 2008 by introducing MacBook Air, the new ultra-thin notebook. Rumors ran wild the weeks before the show, and not surprisingly a lot of them came true. A trademark Apple feature, MacBook Air is recognizable more for what … Continue reading

16 Jan 2008 | No Comment

Consider the life of a sculptor. What an unusual, unexpected choice of a namebadge, not only for a man, but for an artist too. The mountain does not crumble and fall to Muhammad, Muhammad orders the mountain to be blown … Continue reading