8 Ways To Make a Recyclable Laptop Bag

24 January 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hippies may be accused of libertinism, drug-abuse and sexual perversion, but what they try to teach the world is that the nature is our treasure. Wearing synthetic clothes, eating artificially made food, driving cars with high levels of toxic gases emission we can hardly call ourselves flower children.

However, while hippies’ methods of struggling for nature protection were mostly expressed by boycotting ecology-unfriendly products and promoting biodegradable products, some consumer goods manufacturers take action nowadays and introduce a range of eco-friendly products.

Let’s take laptop bags, for instance. It’s hard to believe how different recyclable materials for making laptop bags can be:


Though the bag may be a bit inconvenient to use as there’s not much space left when a laptop is inside, the bag looks very stylish.


Quite a clumsy one, but seems to be soft and have enough space.


The bag looks as if it was made from durable fabric, besides, it is stain-resistant.


It’s impossible to tell a common laptop bag from one of these recycled ones. And if there’s no difference, why not go for an eco-friendly one.


Teenagers will like it. As well as hippies.

Plastic bags

These bags are handmade and thanks to the handmade nature, they are unique since they all vary a bit in size and shape.

Beverage bottles

This one even allows to access ports without removing the laptop from the bag.

Sails of decommissioned yachts

Sails is probably the last thing that would come to one’s mind when thinking of recyclable materials. Which, however, doesn’t make the bag look less trendy.

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