USB Tannenbaum 2.0

18 January 2008

Deep in the shadows of strangely silly and wonderfully childish Great Woods of USB Crap there exist bizarre little creatures that speak German and smell of fresh pine. Thallbach, a company from the town of Wasserburg, makes USB flash drives with ordinary insides of 4gb and extraordinary price of almost 100 euro, and a choice of external body being made of a selection of woods, from birch to palisander, polished and varnished to pseudo-natural perfection.

Germans have a special relationship with woods and trees. For them, a forest is a sacred place, a stage of ancient myths and fairy tales. Die bűrger from Hamburg love woods and know woods more than Americans do hamburgers. They would talk to a tree, just like a Hindu would hug a cow or a Mexican would live with a cactus.

If you are German and like to spend your time in a company of IKEA genocide victims then you will probably love the idea. For the rest of us, it is just silly to pay extra 50 euro for a chance to carry a piece of German tannenbaum in a pocket. And it is not stylish. A bit like wearing leopard skin pants- you will be the man of teenage dreams in urban Zimbabwe, but will probably come across as a little old-fashioned anywhere else.



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