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29 Feb 2008 | 4 Comments

How slow and old can a laptop be to still be usable today? Well, an ancient Pentium II laptop running Windows 98 will be enough for internet browsing, Word and Excel, music and movies – and that is pretty much … Continue reading

27 Feb 2008 | One Comment

Halloween is a specific holiday, dressing up in an original way requires months of preparation, and in fact you should probably start right now. For computer geeks Halloween is normally not a problem – the chances that they will just … Continue reading

25 Feb 2008 | 4 Comments

It has only been a couple of years since we forgot what a dial-up modem is. Now is the time to question if normal broadband itself has a chance to survive. With mobile broadband becoming faster and many new laptops … Continue reading

21 Feb 2008 | 2 Comments is a great source of unique, unusual, ecologically correct things to buy. In case you never heard of it, it works somewhat similar to eBay, everybody can buy anb sell everything. The only requirement is that the product has … Continue reading

19 Feb 2008 | One Comment

Each season of the year has its colour: winters are white, summers are red, the colour of autumn is yellow and the one of spring is green. Each fashion season has its colour too. But while we all know that … Continue reading

16 Feb 2008 | No Comment

A notebook is stolen in the UK every 53 seconds, according to After several government laptops were lost there is now a new laptop ban for all civil servants, it is not allowed to take unencrypted laptops outside the … Continue reading

13 Feb 2008 | No Comment

20 Years ago, schoolboys dreamed of videophones, laptops were called “microcomputers”, and were the size of a small house. They were cooler than a spaceship. They were spaceships themselves, taking us humans away from analog jungle to digital concrete.

13 Feb 2008 | One Comment

A toilet seat has 400 less germs than a usual keyboard of a public computer, researchers of the University of Arizona have claimed. Which means there are probably more real viruses on your computer than virtual ones. I personally feel … Continue reading

11 Feb 2008 | One Comment

An ugly laptop is a mystery, by today’s standards. Hundreds of people develop, improve and polish the design of any product, so when an ugly laptop is launched, it always makes us wonder how this could possibly happen. Tastes certainly … Continue reading

9 Feb 2008 | No Comment

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! The beat of these words is getting louder and louder, as the world is running out of oil. Nothing is left behind. Car tyres, beer bottles, liposuction fat, newspapers, chicken feathers, november rain, shit, sunrays, dead people, … Continue reading