Speakers From Hell

12 March 2008

The idea of hell for some people is a boiling cauldron where sinners are destined to be cooked alive, over and over again, with occasional interruptions for tortures involving horrible demons with hot spiky tails and bad breath.miidio.jpg

A neighbour listening to unbearably loud and tasteless music is my idea of hell. And it seems that with today’s technology this hell is getting even more dreadful. Inventing Omnivox and Whispering Windows was the first step to providing sound junkies with devices that can turn any surface, be it a window or a desk, into huge speakers – and providing people who secretly hate their uncontrollable neighbours with headaches and nervousness.

MiidioTM Speakers are a similar product, but with better quality sound and ability to function on any surface. And hell would be very close indeed if it were not for one small thing: a window or a coffee table, on which any of these gadgets can be placed, wouldn’t withstand heavy bass or high pitch music and will break into pieces. Which means that dancing to Joy Division is always going to be better with good old amplifier and powerful speakers.

Source: Miidio via Ubergizmo

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