Black Caviar Laptop

26 March 2008

To be successful, a brand-new technical product has to be unusual (to be exciting), shiny (to attract eyes and hands), expensive (to show off), and functional (to justify the high price to yourself, even if it is so high that it cannot be justified).


The brainchild of designer Kyle Cherry, computer of new type called Canvas meets all the above requirements.

canvas2w.jpgThis multifunctional computer is meant to be a designer’s little helper: its aim is to ensure quick and easy switch from traditional pencils and paper to the world of raster and vector. Apart from bringing together a laptop and a tablet, it offers a unique navigation system which allows quick access to most used functions (a parallel with quick switching between a pencil, a rubber and a ruler can be drawn).

The surface is so bright and glossy, in case of a murder fingerprints can be taken directly from it, without any additional forensic devices.

Unfortunately, Canvas is a concept as yet, and we can only assume that it’s going to be expensive if put into production. Still, there is no reason to think that the price is likely to put people off, as we’ve already seen a good deal of less effective products, which were shamelessly overpriced (Airbook, SDD, black caviar).



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