18 March 2008

It seems that today high-tech products manufacturers compete in foreseeing possible breakages in their products: Sony were the 1st to use a built-in gyroscope in their laptops, Apple have introduced MagSafe. And it’s not surprising, since mobile devices are used, and often abused, nonstop.

USBee flash drive is a concept created with the view of preventing losing important information by a careless move that can destroy any thumb drive sticking out of the usb port. This usb flash drive is supposed to have an elastic neck to be able to bend in any direction, and quite surprisingly it has something that you wouldn’t expect a flash drive to have – a cooling system.


The design itself is very nice, it probably should be sold with the following warning on the label: “Keep away from children, can be taken for a toy”.


Source: Yanko Design

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