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29 Apr 2008 | One Comment

Everything turned upside down when the computer came into our life and became our family member. However, it has not always been a loved one – often perfectly normal and even wise people loose every trace of the common sense … Continue reading

23 Apr 2008 | No Comment

Thin body often means fragile nature – both metaphorically and literally. Macbook Air has been designed to look very light, and although this airy design catches the eye, the body of the laptop seems to be a bit too slim … Continue reading

16 Apr 2008 | No Comment

The voices telling us about eco-friendly laptops are getting louder, but so far they sound, to put it mildly, boring and unimaginative. Certainly, with winter temperatures getting closer to summer ones each year it is silly not to consider environment … Continue reading

11 Apr 2008 | No Comment

The name Virus or Worm itself bears the symbol of danger. But there was a time not so long ago when viruses were written just for the fun of it – not to create any real harm, but rather to … Continue reading

9 Apr 2008 | No Comment

“Small” is today’s technology’s favourite word. “Small” is almost a synonym to “captivating”; you manage to turn an already small thing into a tiny one and you are the man of the hour, the hero, the genius. Looks like the … Continue reading