The Green That Makes Trees Scream

16 April 2008

The voices telling us about eco-friendly laptops are getting louder, but so far they sound, to put it mildly, boring and unimaginative. Certainly, with winter temperatures getting closer to summer ones each year it is silly not to consider environment these days. However, it seems that “eco-friendly” developers experience some kind of a creative thinking crisis.

fujitsu-wood2.jpgMost of new nature-oriented concepts of laptops or actual products are based on wood (examples include Micro-Star International GX-620, Swedx monitor, Thallbach USB-drive, Asus Eco Book, followed by new WoodShell concept). And it looks as if one designer came up with the idea and herds of others took it up.

These devices scream “I am ecology-friendly!”, but are they really? One wooden laptop born means one tree dead. With so many wooden designs today it’s high time that some other options are considered.

And again, here comes Fujitsu. First they used corn to produce plastic for their laptops, and now they have developed new bio-based plastic for their FMV-BIBLO NX95Y/D. Which is definitely a welcome change for those hungry for new ideas.


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