Virus Fun

11 April 2008

The name Virus or Worm itself bears the symbol of danger. But there was a time not so long ago when viruses were written just for the fun of it – not to create any real harm, but rather to see if they worked. One of the first virus ever created was a pure joke, it only displayed a message on the computer screen “I’m hungry!! Please insert a burger into the floppy drive”.virus.jpgEven now we come across this relatively harmless unusual software. Here are some examples.

A Trojan – Burglar.A – besides stealing passwords and doing other malicious actions, gives the user of the computer his/her exact location using Google Maps. The computer is infected, but at least you are not lost. Might be of some use after a Friday night out.

The Caric-A Worm: Former US president Bill Clinton provided a lot of fodder for the gossip mills and so this famous worm proved. This malicious program was activated after opening an email’s attachment and displayed a cartoon of Clinton playing the saxophone equipped with a bra popping out of the sax’s mouth. The writers of this worm tried to be clever by adding a line to the end of the email, presumably from anti-virus vendor McAfee, which claimed the email contained no viruses.

Undercover agent aka perfect surveillance tool – the XPCSpy – saved each button pressed, made screen shots, made a log of visited web-pages, opened windows, launched applications and read e-mail and chat messages. Nothing can be kept to oneself.

Ketawa.A became the joker of the year. While doing its dirty tricks, the Trojan displayed a joke to entertain the user. Unfortunately users where not quite eased with the joke, as it was in Indonesian. Let’s hope at least Indonesians had a laugh.

Next worm – BotVoice.A can be also called a polite swindler, because after the dirty job was done, it said: “Your computer has been infected, I repeat, you computer has been infected and your system files have been erased. I’m sorry! Have a nice day!”.

However, we only find this software creative and ingenious when other people experience it. Even though many of the above make us smile it’s better to keep away from this kind of threats.

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