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29 Jul 2008 | No Comment

Researchers claim that Asus Eee PC has been the greatest hit in the mobile devices sector this year. Yet the 8.9-inch laptop is one step away from true mobility – there is no go-anywhere Internet access. In other words, you … Continue reading

12 Jul 2008 | One Comment

Almost 5 months ago I have compared prices of UK mobile broadband offers, making an easy prediction that the competition will be tightening and prices falling. This week, I have updated our price comparison, and the results are predictable: prices … Continue reading

10 Jul 2008 | No Comment

What is the difference between a girl and a laptop? You would not say “You look like a breadknife, babycake” to a girl, as a compliment to her slim shape. She will take her revenge by comparing you with Chandler … Continue reading