FrEee Pc

29 July 2008

Researchers claim that Asus Eee PC has been the greatest hit in the mobile devices sector this year. Yet the 8.9-inch laptop is one step away from true mobility – there is no go-anywhere Internet access. In other words, you are still in a Wi-Fi hotspot which doesn’t appear to meet the needs of today’s Eee user. Well, you can always try a 3G dongle with your laptop but nowadays there is a rather high competition in gadgets and gizmos for the few USB ports. Asustek has announced that Asus Eee PC 3G will be released in September this year. The lightweight netbook will feature integrated 3G module that lets its owners get fast wireless Internet everywhere they go. Unlike some feverishly pitched 3G handsets, the hardware is not likely to be locked to only one provider and the laptop battery will not be sealed – you will be able to carry it around even with an extended capacity pack.


I would also like it to have some new striking twist on the design, making the laptop stand out from the rest of the ultraportable crowd of laptop midgets. But even as it is now, Asus Eee PC with built-in internet connection will guarantee your morning cappa break will never be the same again

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