10 July 2008

What is the difference between a girl and a laptop? You would not say “You look like a breadknife, babycake” to a girl, as a compliment to her slim shape. She will take her revenge by comparing you with Chandler from “Friends”, or worse, beat you to death with steak tenderiser.

air_cuttings.jpgYet, when it comes to laptops, this is as good a compliment as it gets. And Macbook Air deservedly holds the crown as the next best thing to a bread knife in the world of laptops. There has been several attempts to cut bakery with it, and at least one recorded case of hurting a human, yet not in a severe way.

Understandably, people are reluctant to use it as a cutting tool on a regular basis by the high cost of the “knife”, and the fear of damaging the blade. After all, it is not as if you can just sharpen the sides after it gets blunt. You may shave off the hard drive after too many grindings. Yet, this may change now.

A Macbook Air was dropped on a Moscow street, with the screen open, flipping while flying towards the ground, and then hard-landing on asphalt. It has not only survived and is working “as new”, according to the owner, but has also sustained surprisingly minor damage. There are just a couple of small dents and a slightly bent top corner that looks like it can easily be bent back.

While this will definitely come across as great news for people who like to cut, slice, and chop in style, there can also be a flipside to this. How about the Air being classed as a weapon and not allowed on airplanes anymore?





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