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23 Dec 2009 | No Comment

For a laptop, design is not less important than its hardware insides, as any industrial designer will testify. People are ready to pay high premium for so-called “high-tech beauties”. That is why stylish and unusual laptops can be sold much … Continue reading

14 Dec 2009 | No Comment

What do we like in modern laptops? What do we want to improve in them? So, let’s discuss laptop market trends for the year 2010. Reading the text below, you will see how new technologies can make your live better. … Continue reading

7 Dec 2009 | No Comment

Every week thousands of people lose their laptops. According to the last study conducted by Dell, business travellers lose more than 15,500 laptops per week (in the EU). A researcher has found that London Heathrow has the highest number of … Continue reading