12 concept laptops and PC that will strike your imagination

12 February 2010

Concepts… They are amazing, aren’t they? On the one hand, they inspire us, give us ideas for the future, push forward innovations. On the other hand, concepts disappoint, since we cannot have them right now. The only thing we can do is start saving money, and wait until they become a reality.

1. ARM Tablet
This concept from Sébastien Maleville can be used as a usual laptop or as a portable tablet. You can transform it by separating the keyboard from the monitor.

2. Asus Bookshelf PC
This PC from Asus consists of interchangeable modules, which allows to upgrade or downgrade your computer. You can do it by replacing or adding required modules.

3. B-membrane
This UFO-like computer with a projected keyboard uses a projector instead of a monitor.

4. Canvas
This concept was developed for designers and artists by Kyle Cherry. It was equipped with some  built-in digital devices for easy drawing.

5. Horizon
Concept desktop from Japanese designer Mac Funamizu has a flexible OLED monitor, which can change its size!

6. HP LiM (by Jeffrey S. Engelhardt)
HP LiM (it means “Less is More”) consists from a 19” transparent touch screen, a wireless keyboard and a virtual touchpad.

7. Nuno Teixeira MAINGEAR
It’s a powerful gaming machine with improved cooling system.

8. Paper Laptop — eco-computer
This concept (designed by Je Sung Park) was made from recycled paper.

9. Philco PC
Although in the majority of cases concept computers show us the future, Dave Schultze’s creation carries us back.

10. Portable PC Theater
Jinwoo Han, a talented designer from the South Korea, created a concept of portable PC with a special bonus, a built-in projector for entertainment.

11. Prime Gaming Laptop
Prime Gaming Concept Laptop was designed by Kyle Cherry. He tries to solve such problem as limited size of laptop screens.  Behold a powerful portable gaming computer!

12. Zafiro
Zafiro PC with transparent screen can be controlled by movements of your hands and body!

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