Concept of the right smartbook

26 March 2010

While the whole world is discussing what tablet computers are needed for, what to do with an iPad and when smartbooks will appear (and what the meaning of this word is), Asian designers have developed a concept of a tablet computer. They have done it for the institute with a very pompous name Metatrend and without much ado called their creation a “smartbook”. Unlike all the existing tablet computers, Internet tablets and other devices, it possesses a number of simple and interesting ideas.

Firstly, it isn’t an Internet device but a real tablet computer, i.e. one can not only watch and read something on it but also work fully).

Secondly, there’s a folding wireless Qwerty keyboard in the set that can be put anywhere on the table.

Thirdly, a tablet has a convertible leg thanks to which it can be conveniently placed on the table as a photograph frame.

Also, the keyboard itself in the folded position can perform the function of a touch screen mobile phone (in this case the question of data synchronization between the tablet and the computer is solved automatically).

And finally, this concept is simply cool. But even the first four points are enough for manufactures to outline for themselves some new guidelines and for the developers of microchips to realize what direction they should go.

Source: Metatrend

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