ThinkPad T410: another powerful and reliable business laptop from Lenovo

14 June 2010

A 14-inch ThinkPad T400 was good in everything: an excellent, powerful, non-killable device for working. While developing a new model, ThinkPad T410, they at Lenovo tried to improve all the main characteristics. Apart from powerful Intel Core i-series processors the updated laptop has got several new features such as enlarged touchpad area with MultiTouch support and the Gobi 2000 3G-module. The time of autonomous performance has been improved too; the new extended ThinkPad battery now provides up to 22 hours of runtime.


ThinkPad T410 is available with the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors. The version with powerful Core i7 provides the maximum performance while the Core i5 models offer a better balance between performance and the duration of work off mains. These processors also support the so-called Intel Turbo Boost technology , where the frequency can be automatically accelerated.

Intel Core i3 doesn’t support the Turbo Boost technology but at the same time it is a very powerful processor that beats the Core 2 Duo of the previous generation in all tests.


ThinkPad T410 is equipped with the maximum set of all possible ports for connecting gadgets and devices. The DisplayPort interface to connect an external monitor has now become the standard for T-series. If necessary, the monitor can be connected with the help of the DVI or HDMI cable using an adapter. Apart from four usual USB ports (power is permanently supplied to one of these ports even when a laptop is switched off), the eSata and FireWire mini slots are in place. Additional modules can be also installed into a 34-mm Express Card slot.


The display lid is equipped with the stiffening frame from highly elastic polycarbonate (HEPC) and the motherboard and hard disk are protected by the frame made of magnesium alloy. The keyboard is protected from ingress of moisture; spilt over the keys liquid is deduced from the laptop through special channels without touching electronic components. And, of course, ThinkPad T410 is equipped with the legendary trade-mark keyboard that guarantees an incredible comfort at typing.

Battery life

T410 is one of the most suitable laptops for long autonomous work. You can buy a laptop with ordinary accumulators that come with 6 or 9 cells. With a 6-cell battery, the machine will work for about 6.6 hrs which is not that bad! The extended 9-cell battery provides 11 hrs of work from one charge. Though that is not it, the new prismatic battery developed primarily for new T series is connected to the dock station and can be used along with the standard battery. Thus, with two 9-cell batteries at a time, the laptop will be able to work without charging for 22 hours. Both accumulators will be charged simultaneously – there’s no need in replacing batteries or buying an external AC Adapter.

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