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31 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Along with the pleasure of having your own laptop comes the responsibility to dispose it in a proper, environmentally friendly way. The time when your AC adapter stops working or your laptop battery reaches the end of its life is … Continue reading

28 Jul 2010 | No Comment

Have you been thinking about purchasing a new laptop?  Whether you are intent on buying one or have just been casually looking at the latest offerings, one laptop that you have likely noticed is the Dell Inspiron 1545.  I’ve received … Continue reading

17 Jul 2010 | One Comment

Were you aware that many of Dell laptops currently on the market contain some serious defects? Dell sold millions of notebooks between 2003 and 2005 that had faulty components according to documents unsealed in a case being heard in the … Continue reading

12 Jul 2010 | No Comment

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing Acer chairman Wang Jeng-Tang, about this very ambitious goal which, as they think, the company will be able to achieve by the end of 2010. Moreover, he said, it will be done … Continue reading

5 Jul 2010 | No Comment

If you are thinking to get rid of your old Pavilion dv6000 you might be interested in the following news. Toshiba has announced the launch of a new “Trade-In” programme describing it as “an initiative designed to help consumers offset … Continue reading