Acer wants to become #1 in the laptop market

12 July 2010

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, citing Acer chairman Wang Jeng-Tang, about this very ambitious goal which, as they think, the company will be able to achieve by the end of 2010. Moreover, he said, it will be done despite the recent economic turmoil in Europe as well as the growth of labour costs in China.

Acer currently holds 13% of the global PC market, following Hewlett-Packard, which owns a 19.3% share, according to the source. Even though Acer yields to the market leader in this respect, it takes the lead in volume production of laptops. According to the Gartner Company, in the first quarter of this year the supply volume of Acer laptops was 9.49 mln while the Hewlett-Packard produced only 9.47 mln. In the third quarter Acer is expecting the growth of 10—15% in comparison with the second quarter.

Chairman Wang expressed hope that very soon Acer won’t have any feasible competition on the PC market. Positive vibes are also being felt on the desktop front, where Acer aims to shift 10 million units this year, while a decent $15 million is being invested into “developing a a smartphone platform based on Google ‘s Android. Of course Acer’s “thrifty” strategy is not exactly tailored for tough economic times but it can be seen as the company response to HP’s ebullient $1.2 billion acquisition of Palm, but one thing’s for sure: PC vendors are hungry  for some of that sweet smartphone pie.

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