Toshiba Libretto W100… Is it a Tablet? A Netbook? A Laptop? Even We Aren’t Sure!

30 August 2010


So good news first… Toshiba’s latest offering is actually giving Apple iPad a run for its money.

The new Libretto W100 is all sparkles and shine and very very amusing to say the least.

What so great about it?

Well for starters it looks like a slightly meatier net book. But it is still considerably smaller then a laptop. The real shocker is inside, i.e. when you open it up you see 2 screens. This dual screen wonder is a modern laptop (read clamshell tablet) with two multi touch 7-inch screens.


The Toshiba Libretto has been unveiled just in time for the company’s 25 year anniversary celebrations. It has already been put on sale in Japan and has met immense success. And soon you just might have one arriving at your address as it is launched in the UK this summer. The Libretto is going to be sold in limited numbers at its going to be very pricey.

For £1,250 all you get is Pentium U5400 processor, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition, a memory card reader, 2 GB of DDR3 memory and a 62 GB Solid State Drive. A Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR and an in built webcam are also included. The black metallic shell finish is absolutely to die for.


For Toshiba this is more of an experiment, hence the limited numbers of production. But it seems like this gamble is paying off for Toshiba as Libretto is all set to be runaway hit. For a concept PC, Toshiba Libretto W100 has a very nice finish and looks very much like a finished product ready to be released. It isn’t all that impressive under the hood for the steep price of £1,250, but the dual 7 inch multi touch displays are really impressive. They boast a resolution of 1024×600 pixels and either can be converted into a virtual keyboard thanks to the haptic response mechanism built into the screens. The Toshiba Libretto is also very portable. It weighs nearly 2 pounds and is a mere 4.8 by 7.9 inches when closed. It’s cute and it’s small!


We were thinking about its uses and have come up with some pretty good ones. For one it is perfect for reading EBooks. It opens up like a book and pages can be displayed side by side just like a book. It’s also great for playing games. Just keep your stats or character lists displayed on one screen while your play on the other. Along with the option of virtual keyboards, you also get a soft track pad to help you type, click or navigate through your premium edition Windows.


Remember when Asus cried fowl at iPads release as it netbook market domination was challenged? Well we think if Toshiba keeps up wit the production of the Libretto W100, Apple and its iPad might just be given a run for their money. It’s already sold out in Japan and is reporting similar results. UK markets are still waiting on it though. Be sure to check out the Toshiba UK website to know which resellers will be selling the Libretto in your area.

Toshiba Libretto W100 isn’t cheap. In fact it’s twice the cost of the older versions of iPads. But what you get for that price is dual screens, two batteries and of course a dual core processor. You also get to e a part of the history by owning a Toshiba Limited Edition piece.

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    When this Toshiba Lebretto have in the market?