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28 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Logitech is an emerging brand. We have brands like Razer on one hand, which has jumped to the top list in no time. Whereas, on the other hand, we have brands like Logitech that are still striving to reach the … Continue reading

24 Oct 2010 | No Comment

In terms of marketing their technology, Apple certainly wins any battle of the brands. In fact, Apple is so good with making you think what they want that they have nearly convinced the entire planet that the iPad is going … Continue reading

21 Oct 2010 | No Comment

You might think that finding the right laptop would be as simple as clicking a button on Amazon, but in fact, if you want to get the most performance, quality, and function from your machine – then you need to … Continue reading

18 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Now, this is what we like calling ‘The Complete package’. SteelSeries has already amused many gamers in the past, and now it’s on to something much more fascinating. No more hassle of changing keyboards, and you won’t have to worry … Continue reading

18 Oct 2010 | No Comment

In the wake of recent industry leaks and announcements, there are several rumours going around in the industry about new laptops that are yet to be officially announced. First up is Dell. A recent leak from the Dell quarters show … Continue reading

15 Oct 2010 | No Comment

The following laptop confession may surprise you, but it’s essential that I get it out to my geek brothers so that they won’t suffer the same embarrassing fate as I have. Writing this is perhaps dangerous to my professional career, … Continue reading

10 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Multiple retailers seem to have run out of MacBook Air stocks altogether and are not receiving any more supplies, fuelling rumours that Apple is going to refresh the MacBook Air line with brand new entries. Stocks drying up like this … Continue reading

10 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Usually my buddies are talking about girls or a half million pound concept car when they say something is sweet, but the other day, my friend actually made me turn around to check out laptop technology. To be honest, I … Continue reading

5 Oct 2010 | No Comment

Laptops are boring old things that will never hold as much memory, storage or processing power as desktops. Well, that is what the rest of the industry is all about anyway, not Origin PC. They have built the Eon 17 … Continue reading

2 Oct 2010 | No Comment

LG has introduced A510 laptop, the first notebook in the world with 3D cinematic experience with the ‘near full HD quality’ technology.  The A510 is equipped with TriDef software that will convert the 2D videos into 3D ones. As there … Continue reading