Gaming Laptop? No, Mean Machine!

5 October 2010

Laptops are boring old things that will never hold as much memory, storage or processing power as desktops. Well, that is what the rest of the industry is all about anyway, not Origin PC. They have built the Eon 17 that is so powerful that the specs read like more like a server PC.

The brand new gaming laptop from Origin PC actually has the capability to hold up to 24GB of DDR3 RAM, has a 6-core processor and an amazing 3-bay HDD storage area. It has a large 17inch display, enough to cover the entire area that you own in Starcraft. As for the graphics, this machine packs in a dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M video card set up to make sure that you get the best in class graphics. It has a widescreen display that has a native resolution of 1920×1080 making it a full 1080p HD display.

Eon 17

It is pretty clear from the specs and the black brushed metal finish — they are trying to enter the super high-end gaming market that has been dominated so far by the likes of Alienware (now owned by Dell). Although the Alienware models have the right blend of super specs and very geeky, futuristic designs; some people might look for an alternative. From the perspective of a consumer, it is always good to have more competition on the floor.

Origin PC Eon 17 Gaming Notebook

The Eon 17 is also part of a trend that started sometime back — desktop replacement laptops. It happened when people realized that they could replace their bulky desktop setups with something compact and get the same amount of performance. There is always an extra premium attached to such privileges but that is something a lot of us are willing to live with. Hence, these monster laptops are mostly found in homes and usually only travel out to LAN parties.

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