RumorsVille Points At Several New Laptops Beyond The Horizon

18 October 2010

In the wake of recent industry leaks and announcements, there are several rumours going around in the industry about new laptops that are yet to be officially announced. First up is Dell.

A recent leak from the Dell quarters show us that they are planning at least 3 new laptop in their Studio line and they are called XPS 14, XPS 15 and XPS 17 respectively. All of them are coming with NVIDIA Optimus technology, which is basically the ability to switch between different graphics chips on board to extend battery life without letting down graphics performance when it’s needed. These machines will be good looking as well.

The shell is said to be made out of aluminium and the palm rests are supposed to be brushed aluminium. Other than the special graphics and aluminium shell, buyers will have options of upgrading to a Blu-Ray drive, 16GB RAM as well as Core i7 CPU’s.

The leaks happened some time back when bloggers stumbled upon a prematurely released product page on Dell’s website that had all the details along with images. This hints at the fact that the release is imminent; although the exact dates are still uncertain. Also, it is also not clear which region/s will be the first to have availability.

Next comes the Apple rumour that we had covered last week. Apple has already announced an event that will be held on the coming Friday and there have been more leaks that give us a clue about what to expect.

The invite itself features a Lion in the background; hinting at the fact that they could be getting ready to announce OS X 10.7 that might be named Lion following the big cats naming pattern. The timing is right for it too, going by Apple’s usual OS update cycle. Amongst the many things expected from a new version of OS X, full integration with the iOS platform is being talked about the most. It is something that logically makes sense, especially with the booming business that Apple is doing in iOS devices.

Coming to the MacBook Air issue — popular US tech blog Engadget has been tipped off with an image that claims to be of the interiors of the new MacBook Air. It apparently has an 11inch form factor and dual battery for better performance. There’s no visible hard drive, which gives fuels to the rumour that Apple is working on a new type of solid state storage that is fast and takes up less space.

There are several arguments against the 11inch form factor, with some saying that Steve Jobs has already criticized the form factor for not being good at anything. Admittedly, it will be too small to properly utilize OS X. There is the possibility of it becoming the first laptop-format device to have the iOS. It can reduce the price, the size and make it viable as a student machine. But since the iOS is a touch-based, mobile platform; it is unlikely that Apple will desecrate it and do what some manufacturers are doing to the Android OS.

Whatever happens, this week promises to be an exciting one for gadget lovers everywhere!

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