Laptop Security Essentials

30 December 2010

Laptops have been becoming a desktop replacement for some time now. This is because of a number of factors like portability, ease of use, they take up less space on your computer table at home, and nowadays laptops come with enough juice to run games and processor intensive software. security for your laptopHowever, all this comes at a cost. The price of laptops is much higher than their desktop counterparts even though the prices have come down considerably. As a result it is very important that you protect your laptop from theft which is a very real threat.

Since laptops are used for carrying important documents around so that they are at your fingertips when you need them, it is essential that you have proper security software as well. This includes firewall, antivirus solutions, and data backup solutions.

Here are a few ways in which you can save your laptop from being stolen.

Laptop Cables

A security cable is a very cheap option to keep your laptop safe. The fact that the laptop is secured to an immobile object will deter the potential thief and he/she will start looking for easier prey. Before purchasing a cable be sure to check whether your laptop has a Universal Security Slot. Check the manual or the specifications online. Or if your cable comes with an adhesive pad option then you can use it on any laptop. However, the effectiveness of the adhesive pads is questionable. The lock itself should be very sturdy.

Laptop Safes

Apart from safeguarding your laptop against theft, these safes can easily protect your laptop from accidental damage as well. It is a more expensive option than cables but you get some bonus features like locking peripherals that go along with the laptop.

Motion Sensors and Alarms

These are perfect for your device if you want a sophisticated solution which will ensure that your laptop never gets stolen. Alarms are very effective because they immediately send out a huge shrill sound the moment somebody tries to commit the theft, much like a car alarm. Motion sensors are like GPS which constantly tracks the movement of your laptop which ensures that you never lose it.

Common Sense Solutions

We tend to overlook the most common sense techniques for the security of your laptop. For example, you should keep the laptop out of sight. If the thief can’t spot it he/she won’t steal it! Also make it a point to choose an inconspicuous laptop bag. You don’t want to carry an expensive bag and garner the thief’s attention.

If you want to retrieve your laptop immediately after it gets lost you should use labels with the name of the individual or organization that owns it, and ensure that these labels are conspicuous. This might help your laptop to come home.

Internal Security

For securing your documents from being tampered with or deleted you should use a handy backup tool. It is also essential that you have a firewall (the proprietary Windows firewall works fine) against internet attacks. Finally, be sure that you have a licensed copy of an antivirus software.

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