MSI Introduces FX 603 And Acer Silently Releases Aspire 1430

10 December 2010

As the holidays continue to come closer, laptop manufacturers are going through their usual bout of releasing new models. Some of them have announced their new models, like MSI; and some of them have simply kept mum about it — like Acer. No matter the release strategy though, we can now expect some more new models to come out all the way till the middle of December.

Taiwanese laptop manufacturer MSI has just announced a new gaming laptop called the FX 603, which is the latest addition to their existing line of F-series laptops. This is a 15.6” laptop that has all the bells and whistles that one would need to run some of the most immersive new games while on the go.

Boasting things like 1GB of DDR5 VRAM, up to 8 GB of memory and up to 640GB of storage along with Intel Core i3/i5 processor — this is one machine that is completely equipped to handle all the recent games that you can throw at it. In stuffing all of this inside the laptop, MSI has not forgotten to include proper connectivity and expansion options.

The FX603 has WiFi, Bluetooth, Gigabit LAN for those long LAN parties with your fellow gamers, HDMI/VGA for playing your games on your HDTV/Projector and a 5-in-1 card reader so that you can dump data from all kinds of gadgets on to your laptop. There’s even an option for upgrading to a Blu-Ray reader.

So the FX 603 is not only a gaming laptop but a complete entertainment solution. With an HD ready display, Windows 7 Home Premium, MSI’s Cinema Pro technology and multiple other audio and video oriented features — this laptop can easily become the centre of your entertainment universe. The only caveat so far seems to be weight — 2.4 kgs.

The price has not been announced yet and neither has the release date come out. So it looks like MSI just wanted to let us know in time for holiday purchases and then bring out the laptop as soon as possible.

Coming to Acer, it seems like they have taken the complete opposite route when it comes to launching a new product. Not only did they not announce the product prior to launch, they did even announce the launch itself. The new Acer Aspire 1430 11 inch ultraportable thin notebook has been silently added to the official website, where it is sitting pretty for sales.

Even though it is a small device compared to the average laptop, it packs in low power processors from the Intel Core i5 line that can attain speeds of up to 2 Ghz without burning up battery life. With 320 GB of storage, 4GB of memory, WiFi, LAN, Webcam and Windows 7 home Premium — this laptop is just right for taking around with you for all your daily computing tasks.

This laptop is mainly targeted at the mobile crowd who need to move around a lot but do not want to carry something too heavy. Battery is also important here, hence the decision to go with.

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