The HP G61: Cutting Edge Technology at Your Fingertips

22 December 2010

If you have been waiting to find a laptop that gives you superior performance along with many other added benefits, the HP G61 has finally arrived! HP has always been able to set the benchmark when it comes to providing the utmost in performance in digital electronics. The same goes for the HP G61 because it has set a new standard for laptops to come in the future.

The HP G61 is one of the fastest laptops available to consumers. It has a Celeron processor and is nothing like the other Celeron processors that have been known to be noisy and slow. This laptop caters to professionals and individuals that have a budget in mind, but at the same time, want extreme performance from their laptop. You can count on increased productivity at your workplace if you use this laptop. Even for home users, multi-tasking on your laptop was never this easy!

HP G61 Laptop

This new HP laptop is another addition to HP’s arsenal of robust and cost effective products. Most laptops rely on pricing and performance to woo consumers. The same is the case with the HP G61 because it provides the utmost level of performance for an ultimately low price. This is probably why HP has managed to stay above its competition since it always offers quality products at affordable prices.

The Intel Celeron T3100 Dual-Core Processor provides the ultimate functionality to any laptop user. This processor is known for its rapid response rate and users can multi-task with the heaviest of applications and this processor can still take the heat. It runs at 1.9GHz so you can even run graphic designing software on it thanks to its 3GB RAM. In addition to this exceptional processor, the HP G61 comes with many other features that will please and tech-savvy consumer.

A built in video camera comes with the package for all your communication needs. Communicating through video technology has become a common practice now. So whether you need to have a conference with your boss, or you just want to talk to your family in another city, this video camera will come in very handy.

With a 320 GB Hard Disk, you can forget about deleting files from your laptop because you have enough space to last you a while. This laptop weighs in at a mere 2.86kg which makes it really convenient to carry around while you’re travelling. The HP G61 battery is also sufficient since it can give you up to 3.5 hours of constant battery life.

The Windows 7 which comes with this laptop offers the utmost reliability and ease when it comes to operating systems. It almost seems like this operating system and the HP G61 were made for each other once you actually begin to use this laptop. The 15.6” display and screen lets you watch movies, surf, and even play games with a lot of display space. This laptop always provides crystal clear video quality thanks to its High Definition HP Widescreen LED Backlit Technology.

This laptop has it all, and speaking of external laptop accessories, you might only want a sleeve to carry the G61 around. It doesn’t come in bundle with a laptop and there are plenty of them online for this laptop size.  If you prefer a regular mouse to the laptop touchpad, Amazon has quite a few on offer. The only purchase you would have to make in a little while is a charger for HP G61 as these bits keep falling apart although made by HP.

So if you are looking for a high performance and low-cost laptop, the HP G61 should be your next choice.

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