Lenovo G550- New And Improved And Not To Mention, Inexpensive

20 January 2011

Lenovo makes another breakthrough with the distinctive modifications made to the preceding G530 notebook. With an extremely comfortable keyboard and large screen, Lenovo has done it this time.

General View Of This New Masterpiece

If you crave for a heavily built notebook at a reasonable rate, then your search is over because Lenovo G550 will be perfect for you.  With its increased battery power and very comfortable keyboard, Lenovo has given this new beauty a better and larger screen display (15.6 inch) that has rich colours and no more of the glazed looks.  Lenovo G550 keyboardThis new laptop has a plastic outer surface and a heavy look. This time, you will also find a numeric keypad in the keyboard as well so PC users will be at ease with this feature, but the keyboard has to shrink in this process. But that’s not the best part, you could get this masterpiece at a very reasonable price of  around £350.

It’s The Inside That Matters

Though this new beautiful notebook has a state of the art designed screen and cover, yet it has several inside features that puts it apart. With its beautiful exterior and large screen display with no glazing coats that often made it hard to view in light, Lenovo has used great smooth material in its screen deign that avoids scratches and finger marks.  Another factor that this new notebook designed has improved from the previous G530 is the much increased battery power and running time.  So now we have around four hours of random use and up to two and a half hours of video running time available.

lenovo g550 laptop

But that was just the outside, the inside which our technology freaks will love to appreciate, is commendable. We have Intel Dual Core T4200 mobile processor, and 4 GB PC@-5300 DDR2 memory RAM, so that this notebook will not only run fast, it will fly. Then we have excellent storage capacity of 320 GB Hard drive, so you will have no problems having all your software installed. A very high resolution VGA webcam is also there for chatters and video conferencing. All the gamers will have no problem now playing anywhere they want as this new laptop has an Intel 4500MHD graphics card with best graphical effects.

When you get so much you have to compromise somehow, so Lenovo unfortunately decreased the number of USB ports from 4 to 3. Also we don’t have modems and express card slots anymore in the system.

So Lets Get To The Main Thing

With just a few drawbacks, this new and improved version has excellent features and very user friendly qualities like comfortable keyboards and glaze free screens. Best of all, it is available at a very low price.

Lenovo G550 comes with the charger and battery but just in case you need spare power accessories you are welcome to purchase from our Amazon webstore by following these links: Lenovo G550 charger and Lenovo G550 battery.


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