Samsung R730 – A Home Theatre in Your Lap

11 January 2011

Living has become so costly that buying luxuries is limited to the rich. However, Samsung comes to prove that all you need to enjoy your life is its new R730.

The R730 is an entry level, big screen model which can easily substitute a home media centre. Its 17.3-inch screen allows you to enjoy any movie as long you bring along some popcorn while the 1600 x 900 pixel resolution ensures you of a great, sharp image. In addition, the widescreen panel, which is quite bright and vibrant with colour, will add an equally beautiful effect to your videos and photos as you browse them.

What We Like

Despite the R730 being an amazing device for watching videos and pictures, that is hardly what you may want from your laptop. Thus, here are some of the main features which make this laptop a must have:

  • Weight – Can you imagine just how much a 17.3-inch laptop would weigh? Well, according to Samsung, it only weighs about 2.84kgs. Sounds light, doesn’t it? The R730 is a wonderful machine that can sit across your lap nicely without causing your thighs to turn numb.
  • Comfort in Every Aspect – One of the main things which we like about this laptop is that it is quite comfortable to use. First off, the machine has plenty of open air since it doesn’t come with many advanced hardware parts; thus, it hardly gets hot or noisy. As for the keyboard, Samsung made sure that users’ fingers get ample space. The keys are big enough for you to type quickly and accurately. Plus, the touchpad is conventionally located in the centre of the laptop, which makes it easy for you to type and manage your documents without looking at the keyboard.
  • Ample Storage – You won’t have to worry about locating your USB and burning CDs with the R730. The laptop comes with a 320GB hard drive which can easily store thousands of songs, pictures and videos. However, if you ever need to burn a CD to store some of your documents or media, the R730 comes with a DVD rewriter.
  • Good Performance – Samsung’s laptops have been known for their good performance, and this laptop doesn’t disappoint. The R730 comes with a dual-core Intel Pentium T4300 processor and 4096MB of memory to allow software to run smoothly.

samsung r730 laptop

What We Didn’t Like

Ok, so the R730 isn’t exactly perfect. Aside from the great features the device has to offer, some of the problems that prevented the laptop from becoming an excellent machine are:

  • Software – Whereas most laptops offer great software packages, this laptop only comes with a few Samsung applications only.
  • A Mediocre Gaming Experience – Though the laptop is a great device for movie watchers, it isn’t as thrilling for gamers. However, gamers can indulge in some basic 3D games.
  • Lack of Bass – This is a common problems in most laptops priced under £400. Though the speakers can produce a good amount of volume, the speakers lack bass. However, you can enjoy the clean and undistorted audio output.

Spare Parts

Samsung spare laptop parts are widely available online and can be purchased on major eCommerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon or even at your local computer shop. For example here is the link to the battery that a regular Sasung R730 owner might want to purchase to make the life easier: Samsung R730 battery.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung R730 is a great laptop for its price. Though it may not be as excellent as some of the other devices in that price range, it still is a good buy, especially if you’re an avid movie watcher.

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