HP Pavilion DM3 – A Dream-Come-True Innovation! Really?

19 February 2011

Technology these days is actually very cruel. It tempts us with the out-of-this-world-types laptops and gadgets and then takes the Mickey out of us by the digits on their price tags. One is always left to wonder that if he would ever be able to get his hands on such masterpieces of technology that are creating the hype these days. Well, stop wondering and start comparing between the latest netbooks that are widely available these days. These netbooks may be smaller in size than the laptops but they can surely fulfill lots of your wishes.

HP Pavilion Dm3 is one of the quality options for a netbook today. By just taking a look at this model of HP you will be fascinated with its sleek and subtle aluminum lid which opens up smoothly to reveal the classy design with neat finishing. The keyboard that is set on this netbook consist of nicely cut and settled square like keys that give you enough room for the easy, fast and accurate typing. Both the keyboard and the track pad are extremely receptive and efficient. HP has taken special care for your comfort and so, it has even setup a key just above the track pad that disables the function of track pad if you are for longer typing time periods.

HP Pavilion dm3 laptop

The processor is surprisingly that of AMD and not Intel. Though, it does suffer a little in quality because of this choice. Te processing is not up to the mark as many would say; however, if you see it overall, you may find everything quite commendable.

Now we come to the display of the netbook. The display is undoubtedly very glossy and classy being 13.3 inches wide for 1336 x 768 pixel resolution. You may say that the quality of the display of this netbook is more than the average netbooks. With vivid and praiseworthy definition color display, gives you greater experience of display than many other netbooks in this price range.


HP Pavilion dm3Many will say that the netbook HP Pavilion Dm3 is not up to the mark. They may base their opinions on the facts that the processing system is a little behind to the latest technology in town and the absence of the optical drive. They may also point out that the battery life had the capacity to be a little longer. HP could have given a longer battery life for this netbook.

However, one should not forget that it is quite a reasonable deal for the cost it will take. The netbook is highly affordable as it is quite low at price.  It may not be the perfect electronic companion for your lap, but it is definitely perfect at the price at which it comes.

HP Pavilion DM3 is truly a bestseller of 2011 and we expect it to hit even more sales in 2012. If you’ve got one already and are looking for accessories, here’s the tip for you: get a spare HP Pavilion DM3 charger so you have one at home and one in the office.

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