Laptop Keyboards – More Complex than you think!

25 February 2011

The basic hardware needs to be right for a laptop to function correctly. This includes the keyboard, and the disc drive on the outside, plus the cpu on the inside. keyboard for laptopThe two main components that actually make a laptop usable are the track pad and the keyboard. These need to be in good condition, or else even the most powerful laptop will be useless. Here we’ll have a look at laptop keyboards: what they are, how to take care of them and what to do in case of any trouble.

A keyboard basically is a board that consists of several keys. Key- Board! Well that was easy! The keys are used to input matter into the computer, by means of electric signals that travel through the wiring of the keyboard. The keyboard remains the chief input device for computers in spite of several advanced techniques like touch screen input and voice input that are available today. Nothing beats the experience of physically typing letters and numbers by actually pressing some keys! Keyboard layout varies from model to model, but the positioning of the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, the function keys, the space bar and the “enter” key are the same though there are some differences between keyboards in different countries. For example, on British keyboards the dollar symbol is not as dominant as that of the pound or euro. Additional features may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

With laptops, it’s all about efficient usage of space, because the keyboard is small when compared to normal desktop keyboards. The keyboard is not just for inputting text, symbols, and numbers, but it is essential for gaming as well. Many laptop keyboards integrate 2 functions in the function keys, like turning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on/off, etc.

Taking care of your laptop’s keyboard is essential if you want to enjoy its services for a long time. Never let any liquid spill onto your keyboard, as there is the risk of the liquid penetrating the keyboard and short-circuiting the laptop. In the event of liquid spilling, turn off the laptop immediately and hold it upside-down to let the entire liquid slide away. Then use a soft cloth to clean it. Another tip to take care of your laptop keyboard is not to place heavy weights on it. Keys tend to get compressed, or stop functioning if excess pressure is applied on them for extended periods of time. Thus exercise great caution while storing the laptop. It would be better if you shut the screen of the laptop while putting it away, to prevent accidental damage to both the screen and the keyboard. If you take good care of your laptop’s keyboard you will have fun and productivity for years without worrying.

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