More MacBook Pro Rumours

21 February 2011

A Dutch email that was circulated widely over the Internet recently has revealed the chances of Apple upgrading its very popular MacBook Pro really soon and the upgraded version may be released in US at a date as early as 1st March. These laptops will apparently be powered by Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. It is known that Apple generally announces its new products on Tuesdays and the rumours have gained some aura genuineness given to the fact that 1st March is a Tuesday.  The new MacBook Pro is also rumoured to have a better display, a longer battery life and an all-new design that is believed to be lighter by almost fifteen to twenty per cent, thanks to the scratch resistant aluminium that is being used to build the new line of laptops. The building process is being speculated to be similar to the process of injection moulding. Its battery life is also supposed to shoot up to 12 hours for the thirteen-inch models, 11 hours for the fifteen-inch models and 11 hours for the seventeen inch ones. The new line will apparently have the thirteen-inch models weighing 3.7 pounds — a 0.8-pound drop from the existing 4.5-pound models. There will be a reduction in the weights of the fifteen inch and seventeen inch models as well.


Reports say that there will be a build-to-order options available with the thirteen-inch models that will allow a matte display and a better display resolutions of 1440 x 900. The slot disc drive will remain in its current location but the CD drive will be optional on the fifteen-inch models and buyers can choose to put a SATA storage or an extra hard drive in that slot. These models are also rumoured to have a third USB slot.  The seventeen-inch models, too, will undergo quite a few upgrades. For one, there will be a new expansion slot and also a new graphics card option. The new prices are expected to be around $1099 for the thirteen inch MacBook Pro, $1549 for the fifteen-inch models and $2099 for the seventeen inch ones.

In the meantime, Intel’s latest ads seem to be featuring something that looks very close to what an upgraded MacBook Pro would look like, including highlighted UI features that look extremely similar to OS X’s current signature style.

The market has also been abuzz with rumours of the launch of a MacBook Air 3G that will have an integrated high-speed 3G connectivity. Apple has seen to be enquiring its MacBook Air users about the kind of modems they use and also on the potential use of the 3G-radio service. The question that is triggering off most of the rumours deals with what the users think could encourage them to use 3G instead of a Wi-Fi connection. Though one cannot yet be too certain of the launch of this new device, one can guess that such a device would be an ideal upgrade as it will be Apple’s first product to have an integrated 3G chipset. Apple, however, is yet to confirm the launch of these upgraded devices.

There’s no telling when they will release in the UK but if they really are released in early March, they should make it across the pond in time for the summer.

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