Are Tablets Eating Up The Laptop Market?

25 March 2011

Research has shown that a lot of consumers are torn between a laptop and a tablet when they are opting for new computers. It is known that the rapid rise in the sales of tablets is already threatening the sales of laptops. This popularity is quite a surprise given that the current generation of tablets only made their market debut last summer with the Apple iPad. Though this launch did generate interest among buyers, vendors were not really worried about the grave effect it would have on laptop sales. But by the holiday season, more and more people began opting for tablets and the Apple iPad and Android based tablets from others gained popularity. Dell had also launched a tablet during the holiday season but did not become a big hit with consumers, given to its Android OS that’s best-suited smartphones. Most vendors were still selling Windows or were unable to launch Android devices, thereby leaving all of the year 2010 for Apple to gain maximum popularity in the market.

Android has revealed that it will soon come out with a Honeycomb version and rumours say that Palm’s new TouchPad, too, is all set to hit markets. It can be safely guessed that consumers will naturally opt for tablets when buying laptops and tablet sales will reach an all time high by the fourth quarter. The high amount of demand is sure to have an effect on the sale of laptops in the near future. But the main anxiety is over how much the sale of these tablets will affect the laptop sales and whether there is anything vendors can do to prevent the usurping of the popularity laptops enjoy.

In the present market, most market research agencies have predicted that one hundred and eighty million tablets will be sold all over the world in the year 2014 and that there will be around two hundred and twenty million laptops being sold worldwide. Therefore, one would imagine that a person will be able to own both a tablet and a laptop but that is hardly a realistic or a logistic assumption. Even if something like that happens, one can predict from these early estimates that people will mostly use tablets as their primary laptop. The main problem that PC manufacturers worldwide are facing now is that the knowledge of the tablets’ popularity has become widespread and known to all. A lot of analysts happen to believe that tablet sales can eat up as much fifty per cent of the market that laptops enjoy under PC vendors, by as early as the year 2014. But it has been found after talking to PC vendors today that they however believe that laptop sales will only be able to reduce laptop sales figures by a maximum of ten to twelve per cent, through the next three years. But it cannot be gathered how realistic such beliefs are.

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