Two Strange But Useful New Accessories

5 March 2011

Though Skunk Juice hardly sounds like a name that we can take seriously, the company has recently introduced a line of earbuds that are actually quite useful and innovative.

The functioning is quite similar to the working of the magsafe connectors that are used on MacBooks, the only difference being that these earbuds have two sections — the part containing the jack and the part with the earbuds. The jack needs to be plugged into an MP3 player or a computer and the earbuds, obviously, need to be plugged into one’s ears. The two sections are joined together with the help of magnets that let the two parts separate when the cord is tugged at. This feature becomes extremely useful in preventing the wire of the earbuds from snapping in case the wire gets caught on surfaces like edges of furniture. Users will agree that it is quite common for earbuds to snap when they catch on some jagged edge of a surface.

The magnetic coupling adds another feature that makes these earbuds even more useful. The point where the earbuds separate is double sided, thereby enabling the user to stack on more headphones to the jack. Therefore, it becomes possible for a user to stack his or her headphones on to another person’s headphones and listen to the same music at the same time. The coupling allows a maximum of four people to hook their headphones together.

The idea behind these earbuds is quite novel and useful, but their appearance is quite unimpressive and cheap. They are available for a price of around £25 per pair and extra connector sections are also available for £8 apiece. However, even with their shortcomings, these earbuds prove to be better music sharing devices than the run of the mill, two-into-one adapters.

The keyboard cases for the iPad have so far been manufactured in two specific varieties — the folio and the mini-clamshell. While both these varieties have their own advantages and disadvantages, neither of them actually manage to prove to be as efficient or user friendly as the set of Chiclet style keys that are featured in the standard notebooks these days. Rocketfish, Best Buy’s own in-house label, has come up with a new line of keyboard cases that is completely different from the ones that are available in the market. A product called iCapsule completely departs from the concept of a svelte and sleek designed keyboard case. It is, in fact, a standard size Bluetooth laptop keyboard that simply accommodates the iPad in it’s design. It is capable of holding the iPad in both the portrait and the landscape mode. The iCapsule can be folded to fit into a hardshell case equipped with a built-in carrying handle.

The product runs on two AA batteries, instead of the regular rechargeable Li-ion cells. The iCapsule is priced at around £60).

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