HP Mini 210-2001SA – Through The Looking Glass

6 April 2011

HP always finds a way to thrill netbook lovers. Through one way or the other, HP spreads a buzz in the air, which woos gadget aficionados towards it. This time HP has made an attempt to maintain the same history with HP Mini 210-2001sa.

HP, with this netbook, has targeted the crowd that lives busy lives. People who work on tough schedules or people who just cannot sit for long in the same place are the main market for this netbook. HP seems very proud with their innovation but is the product that good? Should you buy it? Read below for some of the pros and cons of the HP Mini 210-2001sa.

Attractive Features:

The striking quality of HP Mini 210-2001sa is its slim body. The netbook has a simple yet seductively slim body which makes it not only a pleasure to the eye but also easy to carry. The light weight of the netbook is an added advantage. Even with the HP Mini 210 charger in your bag the netbook provides ultra mobility as one can carry both easily for a long time without getting tired.

The “chicklet” styled keyboard is another great characteristic of the netbook. The spacious and neatly manufactured keyboard is a treat to one’s fingers. Not only does it make typing comfortable, but it improves accuracy and speed of typing.  It is one feature that HP has derived from its previous successful products.

Hp Mini 210-2001sa provides you with a greater experience of watching HD movies with its built-in HD video streaming hardware. This experience is intensified by the higher than usual resolution that this netbook provide. The 10.1” glossy and smooth display exhibits 1,366×768 pixel resolution, which is actually quite impressive for any netbook.

The price is definitely an attractive feature of the netbook. The starting price of the netbook is definitely a treat for anyone who is on a budget.

Unattractive Features:

To begin with, the first unattractive feature of the HP Mini 210-2001sa is the absence of a CD-Rom. IT is not only disappointing but also very annoying as you may see many users getting upset over this feature. Attaching your netbook to a network to use the CD Drive can actually be not that easy and so, one has to buy an external CD Drive in order to enjoy content from a CD.

The operating system in itself is a disappointment. The choice of Windows 7 starter for the operating system leaves you with very little features. Small yet significant features like themes and screen savers cannot be found in this OS. One has to pay as much as a quarter of the whole price of the netbook for an upgrade and that can be a turn off for many people.

The speakers of the netbook give you an average performance and so, one should not expect much.


Though there may be some unattractive features in this netbook, but if you see overall, this netbook serves its purpose for regular computing and ultra-mobility. So, HP is right after all!

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