Sony Vaio VPCEB3J0E/WI – A Pocket-Friendly Treat for Vaio Dreamers!

13 April 2011

Sony Vaio has its own way of wooing technology fanatics. It always finds some way to become the talk of the town. With its VPCEB3J0E/WI, it seems that Sony has done it again!

Surprisingly, Sony is offering this laptop at a price which is incredibly low for the brand. It is because of such an evident difference in price that people are now getting attracted towards this innovation. Now, as Sony has succeeded in gaining attention from all over the world, let’s take a thorough look at the features of this laptop.

Unlike the other inexpensive Vaio laptops available, this laptop has the processor of Intel. Where all the other Sony low cost notebooks have an AMD processor, VPCEB3J0E shines out as the provider of the ultimate experience of dual-core-Intel Core i3-370M with a commendable processing speed of 2.40GHz. If this was not enough to surprise its loyal customers, Sony went one step ahead and gave a boosting 4GB RAM to its support which comes with the Windows 7 Home Premium edition and that too is 64-bit. This is undoubtedly quite an interesting combination of features at this price and so, definitely will be one of the prominent reasons for the attraction of people towards this Vaio product.

Sony Vaio VPCEB3JOEWI latop review

Sony Vaio VPCEB3JOEWI keyboardNow, coming over the appearance of the laptop, Sony has definitely not disappointed its loyal fans like always. The Vaio VPCEB3J0E/WI is a true beauty in every sense of the word. With alluring colors of silver or white, this model of Sony surely has the ability to cast a spell on any technology fanatic. The neatly cut and well-set isolated keys on the keyboard make it wonder to work with. It is surely a keyboard you won’t get tired of using: the wide spaces among the keys make it easy for you to type in as much as you want without getting tired or making mistakes. The touchpad, moreover, is no exception. With the highly receptive and well-settled surface, browsing becomes easier and quicker. So, it makes it definitely a treat for workaholics. Moreover, the laptop comes with a new slim version of the Sony Vaio charger with USB port which is another addition to the design aspect of the VPCEB3J0E.

The glossy coating of the display does great magic with the LED backlight as with this combination you get to experience vibrant and bright colors with exceptional results. Though, definitely, the expensive Sony Vaio has greater resolution and results, but it is all about the cost.

All in all, Sony Vaio in fact is pacing towards the growth in its market as with such low cost yet commendable laptops, people who used to dream about buying a Sony Vaio can surely see their dreams coming true. So, what is our verdict? Surely, if you have a small to average budget, this laptop will be a good buy for you. As for the people with bigger pockets, Sony has a lot more in store for you.

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