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29 Jul 2011 | No Comment

I’m a big fan of the Kindle even though I don’t have one yet. I tend to be a late adopter because I know that the second and third generation of new gadgets tend to be less expensive, more stable, … Continue reading

25 Jul 2011 | No Comment

Now that everyone has got a laptop, the need to customize them and make them unique is here. All laptops look pretty much the same from the outside: a rectangular, (mostly) black/white/gray colored device that does all kinds of wonderful … Continue reading

8 Jul 2011 | No Comment

Traveling with technology always requires some sacrifice. You either have to carry the weight – the plugs, adapters, memory, or on the other hand, you might have to do without something. I take flashless pictures with my smart phone. That’s … Continue reading

3 Jul 2011 | No Comment

A lot of people don’t know that the reason we have netbooks is because of a great initiative started by MIT more than a decade ago that aims to produce laptops that are small enough and cheap enough that every … Continue reading