Nook Simple Touch Reader – A New Kindle Killer ?

29 July 2011

I’m a big fan of the Kindle even though I don’t have one yet. I tend to be a late adopter because I know that the second and third generation of new gadgets tend to be less expensive, more stable, and offer a ton of new features the originals don’t have. I still don’t have an iPhone, but they are approaching the point where they are becoming more attractive to me.

As for the iPad, I have the feeling that they are going to be obsolete with all the rest of the tablets as things like the Kindle become more fully functional in terms of productivity, multi function, and usability. Just as the iPad has to deal with competition from Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy and other tablets- the Kindle also has to deal with some very stiff competition in the eReader market.

Recently, Amazon reported that the sale of books for the Kindle surpassed the sale of both hardback and paperback books. This is a major milestone and set off a frenzy as publishers suddenly moved their entire inventory onto the eReader format. Not just Amazon, but also publishers like Barnes and Noble.

Personally, I’m watching the Nook Simple Touch Reader from Barnes and Noble. The reason I like the Nook color is because it seems to be doing a better job of bridging the gap between tablet, netbook, and eReaders. I like the Nook Simple Touch Reader because of a few key points. First the eInk screen is a comfortable 6 inches. It has wi-fi built into it and we can expect it will also have 3G in the next generation. The price at right around GBP 100 is in the right range for a personal reading device, though I’d like to see it drop a bit in the future since the 3G Kindle is more than 150 quid. The battery life is up to two months! Another great feature is the ability to borrow books from the library…suddenly the world opens up again.

Still, the color and the touchscreen are wonderful additions to the other Nook product, the Nook Color and the potential for versatility seems to be something they are actively pursuing. By using the Android OS, the Nook Color has the potential to start using the many apps that exist and thus become much more than an eReader.

At the moment, this is missing from all the eReaders I’ve seen including the Kindle and given the closeness with which Amazon holds it’s cards, don’t be surprised if this doesn’t change. Still, with the price, the ease on the eyes, and the backing of Amazon, I imagine I’ll end up having a kindle before I get a Nook Simple Touch Reader.

Or, maybe something else will come that will blow them both out of the water. The advantage of being a late adopter is that I rarely get stuck with obsolete junk…unless you count that box of old Commodore 64s and data cassettes, but hey, those are a collectible.

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