Battle of the Macs – Comparison of 13-inch Apple Macbooks

5 August 2011

There are dozens of notebook brands available out there but someone with a taste for technology would never have any problem deciding between those brands. While everything else is just a personal computing machine, a Mac is a ‘MAC’. You just can’t get a Mac user to settle for anything else. The problem arises when you are given a choice between, two, three or may be four of the most amazing Mac machines.

The same kind of problem is faced by ‘Mac-o-maniacs’ when they plan on buying a 13-inch Macbook for themselves. Even after using all the rules of elimination and deduction, today you are left with four tough contenders, MacBook White, MacBook Aluminum Unibody, MacBook Pro and the new MacBook Air. It is really difficult to say which one is better because each one has its own set of pros and cons.

MacBook White

MacBook WhiteOne of the major reasons to choose MacBook over any other Mac 13 inch model is its price. The machine is priced well and is good enough for casual usage. MacBook works best for students whose major computing tasks involve browsing, photo editing and minor video editing. However, this Mac comes loaded with NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor and a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The sad part is that the processor cannot be upgraded.


MacBook Aluminum UnibodyMacBook Aluminium Unibody

Designed from a single piece of aluminum, MacBook Aluminum Body is definitely a true wonder in itself. However, the question arises that whether these aluminum body laptops are really worth the price? The aluminum body doesn’t only give it an added advantage of a more superior and elegant look but also makes it slimmer and sleeker. The body is stain resistant, lightweight and sturdy which was not the case of MacBook Pro.


MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook ProWhy buy a costlier MacBook Pro when you can get the MacBook in around £200 less? The major reason of course is that the MacBook is now old news. Most Apple Fans love Macintosh because it keeps itself at the edge of technology. For those users, value comes from the technology and benefits rather than the cost. Features that set it apart from the White MacBook are its advanced i5 and i7 processor, bigger hard drive and better webcam. This is a Macbook of today.


MacBook Air

Macbook Air

And finally, there is this new and amazing, extra slim, and extra-expensive MacBook Air. Of course, all the advantages of Air lie in its extremely light weight and slim body, 2.9 pounds. So, it is the perfect choice for people who are always on the go.  However, the performance is toned down a few notches just to fit it in this ultra light and slim body. Yet, due to its size and performance factor, this MacBook will give you the longest battery time.


In terms of portability, all four machines will do the great job. Obviously, the newer the model the more advanced technology and chemistry Apple uses within laptop batteries. Whereas the battery for the Unibody laptops is not serviceable (i.e. you can’t replace it yourself), the battery for Apple Macbook 13″ white is available to purchase almost at every PC shop.

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