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27 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Well, I have to say that it took some time (or – too little too late, as MacBook Air people will tell you) for Lenovo to jump on the bandwagon but they finally did. They just announced their first ever … Continue reading

23 Sep 2011 | No Comment

As you all know by now, the first publicly available preview of Windows 8 is out. It is the developer preview and has a lot of new features. It completely reimagines how Windows will work and function and it is … Continue reading

20 Sep 2011 | No Comment

The focus on developing new kinds and types of laptops has intensified and is on an all-time high. And, because electricity comes at a significant price to the environment and the wallet, the efforts have been made to power laptops using … Continue reading

18 Sep 2011 | No Comment

I’ve been browsing around some PC related magazines this week, trying to find something laptop related to help my inspiration kick in. I must say gone are the days when laptops used to be the most intriguing of all personal … Continue reading

14 Sep 2011 | No Comment

There’s been quite a buzz online lately about how Intel’s Ultrabook laptop platform is taking aim at the MacBook Air or at least at making it an affordable solution to those out there who don’t have the funding available to … Continue reading

11 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Acer Aspire 5552G is an amazing laptop that offers almost everything you’ve ever wished for. We recall here the Dual-core AMD Athlon™ II X2 P320 – 2.2GHz, Radeon 5470 video card with 512 MB dedicated memory, 3GB DDR3 and complete … Continue reading

9 Sep 2011 | No Comment

The past week has brought us a few new smaller tablets which may be an indicator that there is a new trend starting. There may be even more 5 to 7 inch tablets hitting the marketplace in the coming months. … Continue reading

5 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Everyone using a laptop, especially those who take the name literally and place it on their laps, will be aware of the heating on the underside. Due to its working small space, heat has to be dissipated for which there … Continue reading

2 Sep 2011 | No Comment

Acer has manufactured its Aspire 5742Z with a very careful selection of different components which not only make this laptop remarkable value for money, but also an overpowering machine for high-end technology seekers. The laptop features a slim design and … Continue reading