Chromebook Samsung Series 5 – In the Cloud

24 October 2011

Not a lot of people know this but Google did indeed release their much-advertised OS and they are fast in becoming very popular with laptop users who want to try out cloud computing. Many were were skeptic about it at the beginning but it somehow gained momentum and Google now has a deal with Samsung and Acer to produce Chromebooks, netbooks that run on Chrome OS. Google’s Chrome OS is entirely different than your average OS as it works only with web-applications.

Samsung is ahead of Acer, at least in the UK with the release of the Series 5. Due to the fact that Acer hasn’t announced a release date yet for their Chromebook in the UK, Samsung’s version has virtually no competition at all. Sure, many of you might see this as a good thing but it might also prove to be quite damaging simply because Google are the only ones for now carrying this colossal battle of convincing buyers and users to abandon their Windows and Mac OS and become Chrome users.

Even the most adamant lover of Google’s new OS will doubt that this new type of OS will cause Microsoft serious headaches, but we must understand that the search giant’s operating system is targeted and recommended to people who want to use their laptops with very little fuss. In their own terms, the Chromebook is recommended to people who “just want to use the device, rather than have to thinker with and maintain”.

samsung chromebook series 5

Now let’s have a look at the device itself, very well built by Samsung who have done a remarkable job of offering the simplicity that the OS promises. When we look at its features we find out that the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 comes in two versions, one that it’s WiFi only and a 3G version, which of course costs more with about 50 pounds. A huge turn-off for many users might be the fact that the device relies entirely on whether it is connected to the Internet or not as it will only work if it has an Internet connection. So, if you travel a lot, make sure you pick up the 3G version as the device will not work if you’re not in a WiFi hotspot. So many things change when you are using a Chromebook, for instance with your regular laptop you’re always worried if the battery will last you long enough. With the Chromebook however, it’s the thought of not losing your 3G signal that’s always on your mind. Nevertheless, Chromebook offers a more than decent battery life of about 9 hours, mainly because the OS is so light to run.

It comes with just 16GB of internal space, the idea being, of course that you will be running and storing all your applications and files in the cloud. That means if you’re out of signal you won’t be able to access your work. It costs 350 pounds, a price that rivals other laptops that are far more enhanced and with more features.


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