Lenovo Launches Portable Laptop Screen

20 October 2011

Laptops can be god sent in various situations like presentations but what if you don’t have access to a projector? Engineers and designers at Lenovo have asked themselves this question, along with some others and came up with a very exciting solution: a portable USB monitor that acts like a secondary screen for your laptop or netbook.

Lenovo announced a lot of neat things at the start of this Autumn but nothing makes me more excited than the prospect of purchasing a portable monitor for my netbook. Of course, the tiniest versions of laptops are great for emailing and other basic online activities but if you’re a serious online user or maybe you run an online business, you will always find yourself needing extra pixels.

lenovo thinkvision lt1421

Sure, you could ask me “why not buy a big inched laptop then?” as the question is totally logical but the idea of commuting with a heavy laptop is simply not appealing for me as I love my netbook and tablet. By the way, I wonder if the monitor would also be compatible with the Galaxy Tab or even with the iPad. So far, there hasn’t been any news regarding this.

The ThinkVision LT1421 is a 14in LCD mobile monitor. The connectivity between it and the laptop is secured through a USB cable. In their press release announcing the monitor, Lenovo also mentioned another exciting feature of the device: it provides extra space to the already existing pixels that your laptop has and why not, running programs in full screen mode. So, what I’m saying here basically is that you can use laptops for more complicated video editing software as well, due to its increased capacity of screen space.

The monitor is perfect for people with growing small businesses as it was specially designed for creating content conveniently on the road, displaying presentations and other content like video and editing.

If we look at its physical features, the monitor keeps getting more and more points, mainly due to its sleek design, kick-out stand and the lack of a separate power adaptor. It also weighs less than 1kg and it is 10mm thick. It can also be set to display a whopping 16 levels of brightness.

Taking all of these nice features into consideration, the new portable monitor from Lenovo is a must-buy for everyone who’s looking for bigger screen yet they have to be on the road very frequently. Besides the actual monitor, Lenovo also offers a big range of accessories that include a screen cover.

I saved the bad news for last: the UK users will have to wait to actually get their hands on this new device as a release date for the island hasn’t been announced yet. To get an idea on the price, the US version costs a little over GBP 130.

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