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30 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Sony certainly comes with the best of products and its Sony VAIO line is one of the best in the market as well. Some of these are expensive but the E-series is its budget price line but nonetheless at a … Continue reading

28 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Probably the logic that worked in the manufacturer’s minds was to combine fashion with ecological balance on the planet Earth. Since the first eco bags immediately caught the attention of the buyers, Pakuma later came up with a whole range … Continue reading

23 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Of late, many high-profile companies are spinning around this “post-PC” term influenced by the introduction and popularity of tablet computers or other similar form factors that was popularised by Apple’s iPad tablet computer. Of course, most of us still primarily … Continue reading

15 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Samsung is one of the major electronics company in the world with its catalog consisting of mobile phones, hard disks, televisions and even desktops. They have recently launched a new laptop which has considerably high-specifications which is the Samsung RC520. The … Continue reading

7 Nov 2011 | No Comment

Announced at Computex 2011, LG Xnote P220 was officially launched on August 11, a descendant of the LG Xnote P210 presented at CeBit 2011. The new P220 is different from its predecessor, primarily through finishes and color, but also with … Continue reading

2 Nov 2011 | No Comment

The netbook Asus Eee PC 1015PX caught my attention by the fact that it is a rarity to come across a netbook with matte screen. I know some people are attracted to shiny things, but it is good to know … Continue reading