Samsung RC520 – Top Specs Come At A Price

15 November 2011

Samsung is one of the major electronics company in the world with its catalog consisting of mobile phones, hard disks, televisions and even desktops. They have recently launched a new laptop which has considerably high-specifications which is the Samsung RC520.

The Samsung RC520 laptop comes with 15.6-inch LED screen which is suitable for those wanting a big screen for their laptop along with one that has a sharp detail. It weighs at 2.5kgs what is to be expected of with a 15.6-inch laptop. It looks elegant with its matte chassis and is available in four different colors.

The Samsung RC520 comes with the new generation Intel Core i5 Processor 2410M which clocks at 2.30GHz. With speed like this, you can expect to run a lot of resource intensive applications. In addition to that, its 6GB RAM would ensure that all programs would run smoothly without a glitch. If these two factors are coupled together, you can expect to have a fully functional production notebook capable of running applications such as Sony Vegas, Photoshop, After Effects and a lot more.

The RC520 has a 750GB hard drive which we can safely say is more than adequate for even the most hardcore of users. As far as graphics is concerned, the new Samsung laptop comes with a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 520M with Optimus which means that you can save battery whenever there is no need for resource intensive graphic rendering. Optimus allows the change of graphic card seamlessly between its dedicated graphic card and the integrated Intel card which is available in the Samsung RC520.

Battery life is quite good as the Samsung battery managed roughly 6 hours with light usage which includes web browsing and word processing. In addition to that, charging the laptop to its full capacity would take only an hour and a half at most. This device also has all the usual suspects such as Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi connectivity, HDMI port and a lot more. It is DLNA compliant which means that you can connect to any other DLNA devices without a hitch.

As for the price, it may be a bit more expensive than a lot of laptops today at £592.49 for its 6GB RAM/750GB hard disk variation and £566.67 for the 4GB RAM/500GB which includes free shipping from Amazon. Nevertheless, all that money will be well spent.

With this computer, users can expect to run a lot of heavy application thanks to its top specs. It may not run as well as a desktop at the same price but it will be sufficient for almost all sorts of tasks regardless of whether it is heavy or not. If you are the sort of user who wishes to have a high-performance laptop, you can definitely make do with the Samsung RC520.

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