Sony Vaio VPCEL1E1E 15.5-inch: A Performing Budget Laptop

30 November 2011

Sony certainly comes with the best of products and its Sony VAIO line is one of the best in the market as well. Some of these are expensive but the E-series is its budget price line but nonetheless at a good quality and performance as well. One great laptop available on Sony’s E-series is the Sony VAIO VPCEL1E1E .

The Sony VAIO VPCEL1E1E comes with scratch resistant screen which means that any poke or tap on the screen will not leave a mark. In addition to that, the VAIO Display with the resolution of 1366×768 pixels isn’t as good as a full HD screen but nevertheless, it offers clear images comparable to laptops higher than its price.

In addition to that, it sports a 1.6 GHz AMD E-350 dual-core processor which is AMD’s newest range. It fares well as compared with devices running on Intel as well. The laptop has a 4GB RAM so that it could run as many applications without a hitch. Having this amount of memory also saves the computer from using the hard disk as the memory what normally reduces the performance.

The Sony VAIO VPCEL1E1E also has a dedicated graphic card which can be considered a must for most computers today as it allows the user to do a lot more gaming or media editing. The dedicated graphic card on the VPCEL1E1E is the AMD Radeon HD6310 which could ease up on the rendering of HD movies. One should expect smooth performance with the availability of this graphic card.

Another great feature that is available on only a few VAIO laptops is the one touch features. For example, there is the WEB feature. When clicked while the PC is off, it will boot up a fully functional web browser within seconds, thus eliminating the need to actually boot Windows. There is also the ASSIST function which would start up VAIO Care, an essential tool to adjust the system performance or even recover data when the system have problem booting up. This would definitely be a lifesaver at a time of need.

You can get Sony VAIO VPCEL1E1E on Amazon for only £399 which can be considered a bargain due to the features that this laptop has. Users of these laptops need to worry not as it a great laptop with sufficient lifesaving measures.

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