Stylish Laptop Protection with Ethical Bags – Pakuma Eco2 Series

28 November 2011

Probably the logic that worked in the manufacturer’s minds was to combine fashion with ecological balance on the planet Earth. Since the first eco bags immediately caught the attention of the buyers, Pakuma later came up with a whole range of bags called the Pakuma new Eco2 Cocoon range. Made of recyclable materials, Pakuma new bags are extremely eco-friendly. Best part of it is that the linings, interior and packages are also made of recyclable products. Besides being eco-friendly, the product is user friendly too with its soft but sturdy exterior.

A couple of big advantages with the new Pakuma new range is that they not only look awesome, are highly trendy, but are also affordable. That has largely contributed to the popularity of the product. In fact, the bags are cool ways of carrying the laptops in style.

Laptop users, who are environment conscious, will find the product handy for their purpose. With both exterior and interior of the bags made with recyclable materials they help greatly in maintaining the ecological balance but at the same time look cozy and stylish due to excellent designs.

With high quality fittings and materials tested for quality standards used in the products, the Pakuma laptop bags are durable and excellently made. One of the advantages of the bag is that it fits with all types of laptops and mobile devices in the market.

To make them highly stylish, the manufacturers have come up with as many as eight different and very hot colors that would cater to the tastes and requirements of any of the users. Moreover the colors have been chosen basing on the seasonal preferences. Pakuma bags are available in pink, red & olive, green, red, silver grey, crocus, cantaloupe, and blue. Hence if it is winter, silver grey could be the choice while in summer it could be green and in winter red and so on. Manufacturers also do not make the color statements static but keep them updating according to the market trends and seasonal requirements.

At the first look, the Pakuma Eco2 Cocoon range may look like French brand as the names and elegant appearance both are common to French products. Bags are available in the range of 7, 10, 13.3, and 15.4 inches and most of them are perfect for laptops and iPads.

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