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30 Dec 2011 | No Comment

HP laptops are one of the most sought after in the UK due to its reliability and the HP 4530S is a testimony of that. With this laptop being available under £350, it can be considered a good computer at … Continue reading

27 Dec 2011 | No Comment

USB ports are super useful for work – you can keep external hard drives plugged in to your laptop, transport work on flash disks, and even connect a mouse if you don’t like the feel of your laptop own touchpad. … Continue reading

23 Dec 2011 | No Comment

One of the laptops that was reviewed before was about the HP ProBook which is a great device by the company. The HP G62-B27SA is another great laptop by HP and it currently ranks in number 25 in Amazon’s most … Continue reading

20 Dec 2011 | No Comment

With Apple being at the top of the “premium” laptop space, if other manufacturers want to win over more customers, I do think one of the primary answers is to sell more premium products and make it so customers only … Continue reading

15 Dec 2011 | No Comment

I stumbled upon that study in New York Times a while ago, they argued that people who are using two monitors of 20 inches are more productive by 40% at some text editing work than those using a single monitor … Continue reading

12 Dec 2011 | No Comment

Dell, which has been always the pioneer in laptop manufacturing, has brought to limelight its range of 3D laptops. Although, the price tags are really high, this laptop poses a significant and consistent performance sure to dazzle all the eyes … Continue reading

8 Dec 2011 | No Comment

When it comes to choosing the wheeled backpack for your laptop, Jansport products stand out in the crowd. The new Driver 8 laptop wheeled backpack range has a padded compartment that will safely house your laptop or tablet. Jansport backpacks … Continue reading

5 Dec 2011 | No Comment

There are many different computers out there nowadays. From the recently ignited tablet market to the mature netbook, notebook and desktop PC market. But which one should you buy? The tablet computer looks pretty exciting, but when it comes to … Continue reading