Connecting and Using a Laptop with Multiple LCD Monitors

15 December 2011

I stumbled upon that study in New York Times a while ago, they argued that people who are using two monitors of 20 inches are more productive by 40% at some text editing work than those using a single monitor of 18 inches. Well, the option to connect more than a single monitor to a laptop is becoming extremely popular indeed.

Fact is, most laptops come with a single external port for videos. However, for using two screens you will only need a spare USB port, a DVI to USB adapter and a few cables. Here’s how to get it all working.

Step 1. Connect the 1st monitor to your laptop’s external video port by using the cable that comes with the monitor.

Step 2. Now plug in the cable of your second monitor into the DVI side of the DVI to USB adapter.

Step 3. Plug one end of your USB cable to the adapter’s USB end.

Step 4. Connect the 2nd monitor to the USB port of your laptop by using free end of your USB cable.

Nowadays you can have latest operating systems and cutting-edge hardware which provide excellent support for these multi-monitor setups. If you want to connect more than two monitors, then extra hardware will be required. The USB to DVI adapters are available with two resolutions: namely 1600X1200 and 1280X1024. Although, these are maximum possible resolutions, the settings can be altered for using wide screen monitors. It is possible to use monitors of up to 21 inches with the support available today but for a monitor of 24 inches native resolution will not be useful.

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